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The first task was to research the products already available in the current marketplace and where research was being undertaken in this area.  This was a field i was already very familiar with as i had undertaken research for a physical computing project earlier in the year.  Below are several links to products or research i found that was relevent to my proposed project

Commercial Examples – an american site with a collection of commercial Data gloves using bend sensors and pitch-and-roll sensors ranging between $600 for a single glove and $1400 for a pair. – shows a review of an open-source data glove using accelerometers in each finger to register independent movement at a cost of $499 for one glove. – a company specialising in advanced data gloves using up to 22 sensors to capture even the slightest hand of finger movement.  No prices given. – shows a prototype of a data glove using flex sensors but as stated on the website it remains a work in progress but visually differs from the previous examples as this has been designed with a unique and interesting appearance and is described as Hybrid Apparatus for Social Interface. – a data gloved designed for 3D games and virtual environments at only $59 using flex and sensors and accelerometer – shows a concept of a glove designed for the user to idly tap out beats with their fingers.  As only a concept to technical detail or cost available. – Piano Gloves which use sensors on each finger that when stuck on a flat surface produce piano notes at a cost of £50.

Below are some examples of projects people have undertaken

Below are some links to video clips showing different attempts by people to great music with different types of data glove.

Below is a list of books and articles that all feature data gloves or cover relevent technologies

New Digital Musical Instruments: Control and Interaction Beyond the Keyboard. Miranda & Wanderley2006.

Physical Computing: Sensing and controlling the physical world with computers. O’Sullivan and Igoe. 2004.

Transducer Interfacing Handbook. Sheingold. 1981.

Getting Started with Adruino. Banzi. 2009.


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