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I have been investigating Sensor types that would work well with my intended project.

For my previous project i had used Piezoelectric sensors on the tips of each finger of a glove.  The principle of a piezoelectric sensor is that under pressure it produces a voltage.  With my previous project i found that these sensors were unreliable and had a short life-span due to their fragile design.  I had the task of researching the sensors that were available and thier suitablilty for my final project.

Sensors that are commonly used in musical applications and their characteristics are as follows (Information gathered from the book New Digital Musical Instruments)

Force-Sensitive Resistors.   Typically made up of a conductive polymer film sensor whose conductance is proportional to the applied force; electrical resistance will decrease with the increase of pressure applied to the device.

Strain Gauges. Resistive elastic sensors whose resistance is a function of applied strain due to mechanical stress.  Their resistance decreases with compression and increase with tension.    Strain Gauges are more accurate than Force Sensitive Resistors and noramlly used for sensing weight,

Bend/Flex Sensors Consisting of a strip of plastic with conductive ink, bending the sensor causes its resistance to increase.  Bend sensors are very useful because they can be easily attached to body parts or textiles

Infrared SensorsBased on the measurement of properties of light signals

Accelerometers Measures linear acceleration in one or more axes and can also sense inclination.  Also useful for measuring shock.


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