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My new component arrived this morning and i have been testing it and establishing its peramiters and requirements.

Initially i have just hooked the accelerometer straight up to the arduino simply to test all is working fine but this will eventually be done with capasitors to limit the band width and reduce any noise. I used the following code retrieved from this web site

Accelerometer test

Using the data sheet i have calculated that using 0.47uf capasitors on each output will give an approximate band width of 10Hz

I’ve sketched out a diagram of the circuit i will use for the final piece which i also intend to draw up on Multisim to give a clear idea of whats going on which should be posted next week.

Ordered a 12 month student liecence for Max 6.0 today as i feel that being able to work with Max MSP and Pro tools at home will improve the quality and complexity of the final piece.  This cost a total of $60 which is about £37.


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