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This week i have been considering what gloves to use and how to construct a durable and hardwearing interface.  The following research helped me form my choices whilst considering quality and cost.

here are some more expensive examples

and off-the-shelf or project examples

I want to achieve the look of a proffesional example but at the cost of a home project.  I want to attach the sensors much like the second set of gloves but want to have the workings concealled.

This can be achieved two ways while remaining cost effective, either using two gloves; one thin inner glove with the workings and a second larger and more hardwearing outer glove to hide and protect the workings or finding a large hardwearing glove that would have sufficeint room to insert the sensors

I decided that my sewing skills arent up to much so im going to use two gloves, one inside the other.  Ive been looking at small thin polyester gloves and have ordered four pairs (allowing for tests and errors) of white inspection gloves below from at a cost of £11.70

and for the outer glove i have decided to use what is described as a ‘running’ glove.  A elasticated, lightweight 95% polyester glove as show below.  Which has been purchased from DW Sports for at a cost of £5.99.


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