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My gloves arrived last week so i have been experimenting with how to attach my sensors.  I have discovered that the flex sensors are going to be more complicated than i first thought, they need to be secured at one end while being free to move at the other but still need to bend with the finger.  For test perposes i have been using tape to secure one end but i will require something more durable and hard-wearing for the final glove, for the other end have used cotton thred through the bottom of the flex sensor and to the glove itself, this seems to work pretty well but i’m going to have to improve my sewing skills if this is the method i use.


The accelerometer is to be attached by first using a hot glue gun to glue it to a small piece of veraboard, then using the small holes in the board i will use needle and tread to sew the board and sensor to the back of the glove


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