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Ok, time for my weekly update.

Using a hot glue gun i have now secured the accelerometer to the vera board sewen to the back of the glove.  With all the sensors now secured it was time to consider how i was going to get the signal from the glove to the Adruino and then into the computer.

I had previously used a meduim sized black plastic housing straped to the forearm containing the circuit and the arduino but felt this was too bulky and looked for an alternative aproach.

I decided that i would use a smaller plastic housing, still strapped to the forearm, as a means of connecting the multi-core connecting wires i used for the sensors to a long piece of ribbon cable that would then be connected to the the larger plastic housing containing the circuit and the arduino.  Below is a picture of how this will look.

Below is a picture showing the connections inside the small housing.  The vera board will eventually be glued to the plastic box itself and the cables will have a cable ties attached inside the box to reduce pull on the soldering.

next was to attach the velco strap to the housing to support this on the forearm.

the following picture shows the larger box with the arduino inside, this will also hold the circuit i will build for the vlotage divider resistors for the flex sensors and the capasitors for the accelerometer X and Y. (in the picture i have used a mini bread board to represent this)


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