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This week i have been considering the way in which i will use the voltage signal output from the glove to control a Digital Workstation.  The two possible ways this can be achieved would be

1. To use Max to output MIDI data which in turn would be used as a MIDI Input data by either Protools or Ableton.  I understand this is a relatively straight-forward process however i have not yet been able to get either workstation to locate Max as a MIDI input. I have use the following website in an attempt to fix this but no joy so far and will need to speak with my lecturer for further advice.

2. To program the Arduino to convert the serial data into MIDI data as an Output which could be used by either workstation as a MIDI Input.  To try this out i have bought a MIDI – USB converter and a MIDI Jack at a combined cost of £27 from Maplins.  I have also downloaded a free MIDI Monitor from the website below. Using the following websites i have attempted to do this but, as before, i am still yet unable to get either workstation to locate the USB as a MIDI Input. – MIDI Monitor

MIDI Monitor – screen shot

USB – MIDI Connector       MIDI Jack



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