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This is a blog following the last several months of my Music Production and Technology Degree at the Metropolitan University Wales Cardiff.  I am a third year BSc student completing my Final Project in physical computing.  The brief for this project was that is should fit into one of the folling catagories

  • Computer Music : Max/MSP with creative outcome (BA / BSc)
  • DSP : using Faust or similar (BSc only)
  • Physical Computing and interactive sound : Arduino / Max / Eyesweb (BA/BSc)
  • Production Project : musical / creative or technique focus (BA / BSc)
  • Music Machines : simple handmade electronics with creative outcome (BA / BSc)

and that it displays the following methodology

  • Apply concurrently the techniques of design, technology and management to the development of a quality product (assessed by practical project work).
  • Describe and specify a system within the practical limits of the available techniques (assessed by technical report).
  • Formulate alternative designs and systems design with due regard to development time, quality, cost, reliability and future product development (assessed by practical project work).
  • Develop and validate the system design using computer aided design techniques were appropriate (assessed by technical report).
  • Produce and test the system (assessed by practical project work).
  • Evaluate the acceptability of the final system with regard to the development goals (assessed by practical project work).
  • Write a technical report containing a detailed description of a given problem and make recommendation and conclusions based on the work (assessed by technical report).

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