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I had thought long and hard about what i could design and build that would display knowledge of my chosen academic area and provide me with skills i may not have yet acquired and which i felt would benefit me in any future career.

I considered what topics had been covered throughout my study that fell into the given areas for my project from the design and analysis of digital filters through the use of Faust, the implementation of digital synthesis using Max/MSP, the design, build and analysis of analog amplifiers and synthesisers though to Physical Computing through the design and build of an interactive digital instrument using the ArduinoUno (a single-board Microcontroller).

It was the last topic that really got me thinking about the possibility of demonstrating a broad understanding of all the above areas.  By designing an artifact that would fall into physical computing it would be possible to show my proficiency in the use of analog circuitry through the design and production of a tool that would recognise analog input with consideration to signal conditioning, my understanding of digital synthesis through the use of a Digital Interface to create the final audible output and demonstrate my ability to competently design a viable product and fit this into a market place based on factors such as cost and ease of use.

I began to research the topic using the interent and library recources (these will be discussed) until i settled on the idea of designing a pair of gloves that wold allow the user to created and minipulated sound through the physical movement of the hands.  At this stage little had been finalised when it came to the materials or transducers, this would come with further research.

Summary – To design and build a pair of gloves that will allow the wearer to create and manipulate sound through physical movement of the hands.


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